Gary Kiener

Gary, the owner of KMSC, is a retired veteran Deputy Sheriff with over 31 years of active duty experience.  Gary is a certified DARE Instructor, ALiCE Instructor, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, CPR and First Aid Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor, and a self-defense trainer, Church Safety Consultant and Instructor, among others. Gary has testified as a firearms expert in felony firearm cases. Gary, the owner of K&M Safety Consultants, plays a major role in the training and educational development in the courses taught.

Gary takes pride in his ability to instruct in a simple to understand method where everyone from beginner level of shooting to more advance levels of shooting.  Although Gary has a vast knowledge of legal maters, he is always continuing his study by taking courses that further his skills so that he can pass these skills on to his students.

With easy to understand method of teaching, Gary has found that many of his students quickly retain and preform skills that could someday save a life.