About Us

Based near of Mansfield, Ohio, KMSC is a faith based company, established in 2016 serving churches, businesses and schools by utilizing enhanced training through specialized practical exercises.

We provide specialized safety training to churches and places of worship throughout Ohio.  Regardless of your needs, whether it's Church safety training, Building your safety team, Self-Defense training, Defensive handgun training, Firearm safety training or CCW classes.  We train using the "Learning by Doing" method making training easy to understand with logical answers to questions while students are participating in the activity itself. 


K & M Safety Consultants is your #1 choice for training.

Our company is comprised of veteran Law Enforcement Officers with over  30 years of experience in public safety, teaching, and consulting.  Our staff have been providing training and seminars to churches throughout Ohio.  We provide you with the tools and training necessary to protect your congregation, your family and yourself.  


Rest assured that K & M Safety Consultants, LLC is able to fulfill for your specific needs by providing providing customized instruction, hands-on training, scenario/role-play training, and more.


You will find our approach to training encompasses all styles of learning which will make you confident in the skill you have learned.  All of your courses are customized to you specific needs.  We provide "learning by doing" style of training through classroom instruction, hands-on training, scenario/role-playing and much, much more.

Gary Kiener

​Professionally Trained Instructors

Our instructors and consultants have over 30 years of experience in public safety services and instructing. Our company is owned and operated by Law Enforcement officers.

Customized Services​

Every business, every church and every person is different.  Every location is different. One program fits all does not work. Our services are customized to meet each client's needs with financial savings in mind.

Build Your Confidence

Regardless of your knowledge and/or experience, we work with everyone from beginners to highly trained and wanting to improve. Our training and services instill confidence and provide sill improvement for all levels.

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