Church Safety and Security


The need for church safety is a growing need in our society today.  Almost daily we hear of shootings, violence and theft throughout our society.  Churches are where people go for safety, and peace during traumatic times, this can also brings violence into the church.

Threats to churches are increasing daily; therefore, it is important to put church safety and security at the forefront of our ministries making sure that our places of worship are safe and inviting.  Not only should today's church be ministry minded but we must also be safety minded.


A safety team is a group of trained church members who minister to the church by keeping their eyes and ears open for the safety of the church congregation.  These members do not have to be current or former law enforcement or military personnel, they are often members within the church who have a strong desire to protect.  With effect training, K&M is able to train safety team directors and team members on, but not limited to:


 -How to choose your team.

 -Background investigation for volunteers and staff (services provided by KMSC).

 -How to conduct building safety assessment.

 -Video surveillance systems.

 -Children and Youth safety ministry.

 -Team building skills and communication exercises.

 -Recognizing emotional disorders in individuals.

 -Active Shooting courses (Full course or overview course).

 -Building clearing techniques during an active shooting situation.

 -Situational awareness skills.

 -Verbal De-Escalation training and disruptive individuals.

 -Radio communications.

 -Self defense techniques.

 -Use of force continuum.

 -Carry Concealed Weapons laws and regulations.

 -Full Ohio CERTIFIED Carry Concealed Weapons Course (NRA Certified Instructors).

 -Defensive handgun training.

 -Firearms laser simulator training.

 -Chemical weapons training.

 -Less than lethal training (pepper spray, unarmed self defense, etc.)

 -First Aid/CPR/AED certified training (American Heart).


At K&M we offer unarmed defensive tactical training also known as "Less then Lethal"; however, force must be able to be met with appropriate force.  In a violent situation, a violent person uses a firearms to attack, proper equal force must be used to "Stop It As It Happens"


All of our training packages are specifically designed for individual churches or organizations.  Prices vary depending on we can specifically develop training to fit the need of your church.  Contact us today for a no obligation price quote on your specific training needs.